Radio Show #382 – Brenda Garton Reads the Words of Her Father, Former Indiana Senator Robert Garton

Some years ago, on the eve of a national election, former Indiana Senator Robert D. Garton presented a speech that supported political civility, in fervent terms.

The address resonates as meaningfully today as it did at the time of its initial presentation.

In this special program, Western New England University Professor and former long-standing Springfield television anchor Brenda Garton gives her rendition of her father’s most evocative words.


Brad Shepard Today! Tuesday July 28, 2020

The heat is on in the Valley – still!
Plan ahead for school supplies this year!
ArtsBeat reporter Mark Auerbach.
Target and Walmart issue hand sanitizer recall!
Springfield Mayor Sarno addresses American Medical Response’s graduating class.
4th round of Springfield’s “Prime the Pump” grant program.
Domino’s Pizza on Sumner Avenue reopens after a car crash demolished the front.
Western New England University announces online final exams.
North Adams city councilor resigns over on-air gaffe.

Brad Shepard Today! Thursday, December 12, 2019

After losing their roof and sustaining massive water damage in October, Donut Dip in East Longmeadow opts to not rebuild and to close the location.

Don Humason and Billy Galvin square off over a letter and a missing word.

Two Springfield million dollar lottery winners!

Western New England University President, Dr. Caprio, retires.

Deerfield Police report a scam regarding Comcast and DIRECTV.

Temporary state ban on vaping rescinded.

Amazon delivery vans causing Lower Westfield Road backup.

Springfield City Councilors respond to snow removal complaints.

Brad Shepard Today! Wednesday October 18, 2017

Wednesday morning, and time for our show…join us!
MASS Bar Association offers free advice today! Dial-A-Lawyer
Animal Hospital offers training to give police dogs Naloxone for opioid ingestion
Dom Sarno and Richard E. Neal dedicate a park renovation
Hundreds of court cases of drunk drivers may be affected by not providing breathalyzer calibration information
Foodbag renovates gas pumps!
Wilbraham hydrant flushing! Affecting water!