Radio Show # 151 – Maestro Kevin Rhodes, Springfield Symphony Orchestra

From fifteen different countries, and fifty different orchestras, internationally famous Maestro Kevin Rhodes makes Springfield his home, as the seventeen-year Music Director and Conductor of the Springfield Symphony Orchestra.

Come inside the SSO as Kevin talks at length about his fascinating career spanning concerts, opera and ballet.

Find out what it is like to conduct orchestras in Springfield, Michigan and Boston!

Listen as Kevin talks about the joy in weaving pop culture music with the symphony’s more established fare.

Hear his exciting plans for this season and the next!

Brad Shepard Today! Thursday, February 22, 2018

Springfield Symphony Orchestra and Maestro Kevin Rhodes present a night of Star Wars and Star Trek!
Two Springfield City Councilors form a committee to create dog parks.
Holyoke City Council votes to have Inspector General investigate city finances.
Westfield residents are concerned about cancer-causing chemicals found in the city water supply.
Goodworks Coffee House is open for business in Chicopee.
Hampden County Sheriff’s Office warns of new scam.
Cinemark bans any bags from coming into their theaters.

Brad Shepard Today! Wednesday December 16, 2015

  • Will you be paying less to heat your home this winter? Less at the pump? special guest Jordan Goodman has the answers!
  • Kimberly Wheeler presents the new Star Wars Film at the new Agawam Cinema!
  • Northampton has a burger eating champ!
  • Chicopee City Hall auditorium gets a makeover
  • The state will hit you with a surcharge if you do not have and EZ Pass transponder!
  • MARK E. SALOMONE presents a big check to Toy For Joy