At Large with G. Michael Dobbs – Cannabis

G. Michael Dobbs doesn’t smoke cannabis, and doesn’t see any harm in adults doing so. He does wonder if the current legal system is filling the need.

At Large with G. Michael Dobbs –
The Good Old Days

G. Michael Dobbs doesn’t like to make any resolutions for 2019, but he will admit to what he learned in the past year.

At Large with G. Michael Dobbs – Joe Hendrix, Smokey Joe’s Cigar Lounge in Springfield

Joe Hendrix is the co-owner of one of Springfield’s newest and most successful downtown businesses, Smokey Joe’s Cigar Lounge. G. Michael Dobbs spoke with Joe about Cigar Smoking 101, what every novice smoker should know.

Brad Shepard Today! Friday December 4, 2015


  • Pizza delivery man resists armed robbers
  • School bus window shot out
  • Expanded commuter rail; cost overrun
  • Northampton Hot Chocolate run
  • Holyoke fire dept “brown out’
  • Weekend holiday events