Radio Show #285 – Mark Gionfriddo and
“The Big Broadcast” at Mount Holyoke College

The Golden Age of Radio comes alive for the 15th year in a row at Mount Holyoke College!

The music, the performers, the commercials and all of the fun of this bygone form of entertainment is brought to you live and on stage!

Our special guest, MHC Music Director Mark Gionfriddo, is the creator of this show, and also appears on stage.

“The Big Broadcast!” is a re-creation of a live 1940’s radio variety show featuring the Jazz Ensembles (Big Band Jazz, Vocal Jazz, and Chamber Jazz) performing well-known tunes and hidden gems from the swing era and the Great American Songbook. For the last 15 years, the show has been emceed by Brian Lapis (WWLP-TV22 meteorologist) in the role of host “Fred Kelley,” while Gionfriddo appears as bandleader “Matt Morgan.”

Brad Shepard Today! Monday, January 6, 2020

South Hadley art professor charged with attempted murder.

Holyoke St. Patrick’s Committee selects its “Colleen and Her Court” finalists.

New theft-proof mailbox at Chicopee’s Main Street post office .

Greenfield Winter Farmer’s Market up and running.

Hadley Police Sergeant retires after 30-plus years.

CrossFit TLA Gym in Southwick aims for girls’ physical health.

Erving Police offer a scam alert.

Springfield Mayor Sarno inaugurated for his fifth term today!

Westfield swears in Mayor Elect Donald Humason, Jr. today!

Ski weather is here. We offer some safety tips.

Radio Show #20 – Brian Lapis

Brian Lapis steps out of his role as a meteorologist and into the performing shoes of Fred Kelley in the MHC production of “The Big Broadcast” at Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley!

Brian Lapis

Brian Lapis steps out of his role as meteorologist, and into the performing shoes of “Fred Kelley” the MC of The Big Broadcast at Mount Holyoke College In South Hadley!