Brad Shepard Today! Monday, October 29, 2018

Tuesday the Mass. Bar Association is providing free legal advice with Dial-A-Lawyer!
Tornadoes touched down in Hardwick and Hubbardston, as confirmed by the National Weather Service.
110 Grill comes to Hadley and Holyoke.
Liberty Mutual lays off 25 employees.
Springfield Mayor and Chief of Police order safety procedures to protect area synagogues.
Westfield mother and daughter approached by a strange man in a vehicle.
Sparkle, a wellness event from Mercy Medical Center for women, at Chez Josef.
Springfield residents receive free dental care from STCC.

Brad Shepard Today! Wednesday October 18, 2017

Wednesday morning, and time for our show…join us!
MASS Bar Association offers free advice today! Dial-A-Lawyer
Animal Hospital offers training to give police dogs Naloxone for opioid ingestion
Dom Sarno and Richard E. Neal dedicate a park renovation
Hundreds of court cases of drunk drivers may be affected by not providing breathalyzer calibration information
Foodbag renovates gas pumps!
Wilbraham hydrant flushing! Affecting water!

Brad Shepard Today! Friday and the weekend May 12, 2017

Governor Baker nixes soda tax proposal.

Pancake Breakfast tomorrow!

Dog Shelter – a bumpy road for an Agawam woman.

Mass. Bar Association Dial-A-Lawyer phone-in program.

New “Mass Appeal” co-host!

– much more!