Brad Shepard Today! Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Ocean State Job Lot moving!

Jordan Goodman on the new FICO® scores changes.

Unity Players in Springfield present the “Les Miserables” (school edition) with director Darcie Farber.

Mayor Sarno announces progress on Springfield’s Elm Street Project.

A handshake deal now exists on the White Hut rescue, so say Picknelly and Yee.

Miguel Rodriguez ruled too dangerous to be released, says  judge.

Parkland school shooting 2-year anniversary marked by documentary film at Greenfield Garden Cinemas.

New sergeants congratulated at the Monson Police Dept.

Radio Show #282 – Darcie Farber, The Unity Players, and “Les Miz,” School Edition

Many versions of the musical “Les Miserables” have been performed over the years – in many languages, permutations, and even in concert.

Did you know there is a “school edition” for youth performers?

It comes your way from the Unity Players of Springfield.

Here, the director of the production, Darcie Farber, gives us an inside view of this forthcoming production!

Think a school production of this musical might pose a reduction in some of its hard-hitting themes?

You might well be surprised!


Web: Theater: Unity House Players