Brad Shepard Today! Friday and the weekend, December 14, 2018

Kentucky Fried Chicken offers you a log with the aroma of fried chicken.
Chairwoman of Longmeadow Democratic Committee steps down.
Easthampton Police warn of thin ice.
Happy Holidays from TD Bank’s Denise Fleming.
Concerns arise over the condition of Springfield street lights.
Mohawk Trail Regional Schools received an anonymous $50,000 donation.
The Longmeadow Shops will soon sport a new restaurant.

Brad Shepard Today! Monday, August 21, 2018

Mass. golfer bites thumb off fellow golfer.
Weather has caused problems in the region.
Springfield City Council considers rules and fines for electronic smoking devices.
Boston Road IHOP comes down; new KFC goes up!
Northampton Police identify a new Level 3 Sex Offender living in the city.
Hadley home hit by lightning has a fire!
Warning from Animal Control officer: rabid skunk reported.
Paul Caron on politics today.