At Large with G. Michael Dobbs – Joe Hendrix, Smokey Joe’s Cigar Lounge in Springfield

Joe Hendrix is the co-owner of one of Springfield’s newest and most successful downtown businesses, Smokey Joe’s Cigar Lounge. G. Michael Dobbs spoke with Joe about Cigar Smoking 101, what every novice smoker should know.

At Large with G. Michael Dobbs –
Warren Onufer, Author from Chicopee Massachusetts

Chicopee’s Warren Onufer feels compelled to write and has built up a readership with this stories about a female vampire named Hadley Price. G. Michael Dobbs recently spoke to him about his work and about the horror genre in general.

At Large with G. Michael Dobbs:
What I’m Watching

Mike Dobbs watches a lot of movies and is sharing some of what he has recently seen that he thinks will be of interest to you.

At Large with G. Michael Dobbs:
Focus on Springfield

The landscape for media is always changing and that includes cable television and public access stations. John Abbott and Stephen Cary are the two people who are behind the efforts to change the programming and perception of cable access programming with Focus Springfield. They speak with G. Michael Dobbs about the motivations behind what they are doing in local media.  

At Large with G. Michael Dobbs:
Robert Prince from Storm Ready in Chicopee

In this edition of At Large with G. Michael Dobbs, Mike talks with preparedness expert Robert Prince, whose company Storm Ready helps people be ready to handle both man-made and natural disasters. Prince is a veteran of the 82nd Airborne and a Chicopee resident whose new sales platform is an Army surplus five-ton truck.

At Large with G. Michael Dobbs:
Movie Picks and More!

I’ve loved movies in a very big way since junior high. This new episode of the show will feature some of my current picks for movies in theaters and on DVD and Netflix.

At Large with G. Michael Dobbs:
Stephen R. Bissette

Stephen R. Bissette has been hailed as one of the comic book industry’s most innovative and thoughtful creators. He will be making his last convention appearance at the Bing Comic-Con on Oct. 22 from 11 to 5 p.m. at Trinity Methodist Church in Springfield, and sat down to speak with G. Michael Dobbs about the changes in the art form and industry.

At Large with G. Michael Dobbs:
Carmine DiCenso, Executive Director of Dakin Humane Society

Carmine DiCenso is the new executive director of Dakin Humane Society, an organization that has made a huge difference in the Pioneer Valley. G. Michael Dobbs sat down with Carmine DiCenso to discuss his plans for the future – a Pioneer Valley Radio in-depth interview.

At Large with G. Michael Dobbs:
Jonathan Evans from The Herbarium in Chicopee

Small businesses face many challenges and Jonathan Evans, owner of the Herbarium in Chicopee, explains why he turned to crowd-sourced to help save his store. Jonathan and Mike also wax nostalgic about their time as talk shows hosts back in the 1980s.

At Large with G. Michael Dobbs:
Brian Hale of the Bing Arts Center

Brian Hale is the executive director of the Bing Arts Center located at 716 Sumner Avenue in Springfield’s Forest Park neighborhood. The Bing Arts Center is a multi-use hub for community cultural and artistic activity. The former Bing Theater opened in 1950 and served several generations of area residents until 1999 when it was taken by the City of Springfield for non-payment of taxes. The X Main Street Corporation a non-profit, purchased the property from the City in 2004 to create a catalyst for economic development and improved quality of life. The adaptive re-use of the building has created a place to enable citizens of Springfield and the Pioneer Valley to actively participate in a variety of artistic expressions.

G. Michael Dobbs is Managing Editor of The Reminder.

Radio Show #58 – G. Michael Dobbs of The Reminder

G. Michael Dobbs of The Reminder is interviewed by Michael Harrison.