Brad Shepard Today! Monday, February 10, 2020

The White Hut in West Springfield abruptly closes.

Family, friends and the theater community celebrate the life of a local actress.

Republican photographer Leon Nguyen receives an accolade!

Springfield announces affordable housing geared toward returning teachers.

Flu season is still at its peak; Springfield announces free flu clinics.

Melvin Edwards states his opposition to mayor Sarno’s timeline to adopt facial recognition technology.

Springfield’s Business Improvement District’s Restaurant Week Celebration.

Views on The Oscars.

Radio Show #281 – Springfield City Councilor Melvin Edwards’ Views on Facial Recognition Technology in Springfield Police Work

Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno supports the use of facial recognition technology in the Springfield Police Department.

Councilor Melvin Edwards and other members of the council do not believe that this is the time to move forward on its implementation.

A moratorium has been proposed by the council, and rejected by the Mayor.

Here, Councilor Edwards presents his position on the issue.