Radio Show #382 – Brenda Garton Reads the Words of Her Father, Former Indiana Senator Robert Garton

Some years ago, on the eve of a national election, former Indiana Senator Robert D. Garton presented a speech that supported political civility, in fervent terms.

The address resonates as meaningfully today as it did at the time of its initial presentation.

In this special program, Western New England University Professor and former long-standing Springfield television anchor Brenda Garton gives her rendition of her father’s most evocative words.


Brad Shepard Today! Monday, November 9, 2020

Preparations for Veterans Day.
Pat Sullivan and Helen Caulton-Harris of Springfield close the Cyr Arena for two weeks.
Brenda Garton remembers the words of her father, Senator Robert Garton.
Chicopee Veterans activities are by invitation only this year.
Easthampton excited to begin its new Ferry Street traffic pattern.
Casa Pizzeria in Ludlow closes their front dining room.
Northampton Public Health Director requires all contact sports be suspended TFN.
The Russell Inn in Russell closes for a deep cleaning and quarantine; reopening November 12, 2020.
RIP Alex Trebek.