Radio Show #112 – Pastor Jackie Simmons, Regional Director, My Daughters Can We Talk INC

My Daughters Can We Talk INC is a Springfield-based non-profit organization for girls 7 to 18 whose mission is raising women of honor to be the mothers and leaders of the future through life skills, leadership, character building, teamwork and service to others.

Radio Show #106 – Bill Miller, Vice President of Housing and Homeless Services, Friends of the Homeless Springfield, interviewed by Alexi Cohan

Friends of the Homeless does great work helping the homeless in Springfield including providing meals and shelter, plus more.  The organization’s website is

Radio Show #98 – Immigration Attorney
Marie Angelides

Longmeadow-based attorney Mary Angelides of Angelides Law Firm practices family immigration law.  She discusses the complex processes of immigration law in bringing foreign relatives to the U.S.  She also talks about the need for immigration legal reform on a national level.

Radio Show #88 – Elle B

Alexi Cohan talks with Elle B, a former resident and a graduate of East Longmeadow High School, who is now trying to break into stardom in New York City.

Visit her website to learn more about Elle B and her music.