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Radio Show #387 – Sarah Maniaci, Rachel’s Table, and Hundreds of Turkeys!

At the end of this week, the 100 turkeys delivered to the Gray House were just a part of the almost 1400 turkeys Rachel’s Table has presented to agencies this Thanksgiving.

These turkeys and the selected agencies are a distribution point to get the birds to those in need for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

This dinner might be just out of reach for many, a need keenly felt by Sarah Maniaci and Rachel’s Table.

In this conversation with Sarah,  the parties involved in bringing off this record-breaking amount of birds are noted, and the effort involved, described.

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Radio Show #386 – Joseph Pereira is Playing and Singing Through the Pandemic

A live and local performer who seems to keep working through the pandemic, while others are waiting for their gigs to start up again, Joe Pereira entertains at least a couple of nights a week at Springfield’s 350 Grill.

In this program, Joe explains how this opportunity came about and what it means to him.

He might be crooning, and he might be rocking out, but Joe and some fellow singers keep the night moving at the 350 Grill!

Radio Show #385 – Pintu Reaches Out to Those in Need at Thanksgiving

In West Springfield, Pintu, of the much-loved Indian restaurant that bears his name, is reaching out to help families this Thanksgiving.

For those in need, Pintu has created some terrific Thanksgiving meals that those interested are welcomed to come and pick up at his restaurant.

Pintu’s Indian Palace is located at 25 Park Avenue in West Springfield.

In this special conversation on Pioneer Valley Radio, you can hear the thoughts that led Pintu to this decision.

How Pintu’s Indian Palace is coping with the COVID-19 restrictions, is also a topic of discussion.





Radio Show #384 – Theme Cakes By Joelene!

Joelene Hackett Guzzo followed a passion for baking and developed a successful brand, Theme Cakes By Joelene!

In this portrait of a Western Mass. entrepreneur, Joelene relates her transition from employee to the owner-operator of her own business.

Custom cakes, as baked by Joelene’s daughter under her mom’s watchful eye, are available for literally any occasion!

To Joelene’s surprise, COVID-19 has not impeded her progress, and might well indicate her specialties are a pleasant diversion!

The Wilbraham Shops  •  2341 Boston Rd.  •  Wilbraham, MA 01095

413-279-2253 (CAKE)



Radio Show #383 – Mark Auerbach presents
“On The Mark” Featuring Bernadette Duncan, Brad Shepard and Susan Kaplan

Pioneer Valley Radio’s Mark Auerbach’s Westfield-based radio and television program “On The Mark” presents this episode entitled “Radio Days.”

Mark offers in-depth interviews with author, producer, teacher and radio personality Bernadette Duncan, Western Mass. veteran broadcaster Brad Shepard, and public radio’s Susan Kaplan.

Listen in, and enjoy the insights, anecdotes and career highlights of these broadcast professionals!

Listen to the program here.

Radio Show #382 – Brenda Garton Reads the Words of Her Father, Former Indiana Senator Robert Garton

Some years ago, on the eve of a national election, former Indiana Senator Robert D. Garton presented a speech that supported political civility, in fervent terms.

The address resonates as meaningfully today as it did at the time of its initial presentation.

In this special program, Western New England University Professor and former long-standing Springfield television anchor Brenda Garton gives her rendition of her father’s most evocative words.


Radio Show #381 – Red Rose is Back…

… although it never REALLY went away.

Due to COVID-19, the Red Rose made the decision to temporarily close two weeks ago.

In this special program on Pioneer Valley Radio, Rita Caputo-Capua of the Red Rose is excited to announce the reopening of the iconic dining spot in Springfield’s South End!

What happened?

How did the pandemic affect the restaurant?

What changes have been made?

How will the new 9:30 pm closing edict affect them?

Listen in!

Radio Show # 380 – Michelle Oparowski,
Carlos Nunez and the Pledge2Patriots

Pledge2Patriots is a fundraising organization dedicated to the Holyoke Soldiers’ Home.

Their events are created to raise funds for the continued care and comfort of our nation’s patriots.

In this special program, two of the organizers of Pledge2Patriots – Michelle Oparowski and Carlos Nunez – discuss their involvement with this organization, as well as its upcoming events.

Radio Show #379 – “Bob The Bike Man”
Does It Again!

Once again, Bob “The Bike Man” Charland comes to the fore and helps a youngster with special needs.

This time, at the Brookings School.

Bob became aware of a young Somali boy, whose battle with his own health issues has deprived him of the use of a conventional bicycle.

Which is all Bob ever needs to know.

Into the workshop, and out with a bike customized to this young man’s needs!

The entire story, and what this bicycle meant to the boy, is included in this special program.

Bob is also the recipient of a terrific honor from the Red Cross, and has even had a Police horse named after him!


Radio Show #378 – Cheryl Malandrinos and Western Mass. Real Estate

Cheryl Malandrinos is a representative for the REALTOR® Association of Pioneer Valley, providing information and support to the real estate community of Western Mass., and also a real estate agent with Real Living Realty Professionals in Wilbraham.

Cheryl is versed in all manner of home sales for first time buyers, military relocation, the needs of seniors and other aspects of real estate.

The current state of home sales, the impact of COVID-19 and more are discussed in this exclusive program on Pioneer Valley Radio.

Radio Show #377 – Martha Tighe and
The Parish Cupboard in West Springfield

The Executive Director of the Parish Cupboard in West Springfield is delighted with the organization’s new location!

After a career in education spanning decades, Martha Tighe celebrates her 11th year in service to the community as the Executive Director of the Parish Cupboard, “Westside.”

In this program, Martha discusses the inner workings of the Parish Cupboard, its ongoing collection and distribution of food to West Springfield and the region, as well as what “food insecurity” means to her and to her staff.

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Radio Show #376 – Mike Zabik and the “Right to Repair” Ballot Question

On election day, you will be faced with ballot question number 1, the so-called “Right To Repair.”

This initiative, as proposed, would require that motor vehicle owners and independent repair facilities be provided with expanded access to mechanical data related to maintenance and repair.

A “yes” vote would provide vehicle owners and mechanics access to wirelessly transmitted mechanical data.

A “no” vote would make no changes in the law governing this same access.

At Mike’s Auto Repair in West Springfield, owner, Mike Zabik represents many independent auto mechanics who believe very strongly in the passing of this initiative.

In this special program, Mike explains why this is important to you, your car, and your overall freedom of choice in the marketplace.

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Radio Show #375 – Cindy Murphy and
“Each Moment We’re Alive”

Two-time cancer survivor Cindy Sheridan Murphy of West Springfield has founded an organization dedicated to women not unlike herself, who are coping with cancer.

The organization, “Each Moment We’re Alive,” works with women before, during and after their diagnosis and treatment.

What led her to this process, and how the pandemic has affected what the organization  does, is discussed in this exclusive interview with Pioneer Valley Radio!

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Radio Show #374 – Anthony Cignoli Remembers Miguel “Mike” Rivas

A prominent advocate and political personality of the Latinx community in Western Mass. has passed away this week.

He is Miguel “Mike” Rivas.

From his distinguished service to our country in the Marine Corps, to his efforts on behalf of his community, Miguel Rivas is remembered as a strong and powerful voice for his people, and for all peoples of Western Mass.

In this program, Anthony Cignoli, who knew Miguel well, remembers him not only as a community organizer but as a trailblazer for the later successes enjoyed by figures such as Adam Gomez, Jose Tosado and others.

Radio Show #373 – Jeremie Lapointe and DementedFX

Aspiring art teacher and now a contractor, Jeremie Lapointe and his partners set out to create an authentically terrifying “haunted house” style experience in Holyoke.

And they succeeded!

So much so, that “DementedFX” of Holyoke has garnered  accolades throughout the Northeast!

This is not a typical witches and ghosts excursion, but rather an intense 20,000square foot chamber of biomedical horrors that has succeeded in delicious screaming fright and fun for its visitors!

In this conversation, you’ll hear how Jeremie achieved a Hollywood level of special effects to create a fright after fright trip through the facility!

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Radio Show #372 – Max Hartshorne’s
New England Fall Foliage Audio Tour

Writer and travel editor Max Hartshorne presents some wonderful suggestions to enjoy the fall foliage, now at its peak!

From Massachusetts to Vermont, the vibrant colors are beckoning.

Ancillary activities from apple picking, to where to eat and drink, are also discussed.

Listen in and discover some “not too hidden” treasures of this special time in the region!

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Radio Show #371 – West Springfield’s Dan Murphy, and “Murph’s Magic”

Among your Western Mass. neighbors, you will find West Springfield’s Dan Murphy.

After a colorful career history of casinos, public utilities, law enforcement and more, Dan has settled into a business of marketing health products, as “Murph’s Magic.”

Dan believes these products were instrumental in helping him shed nearly 100 pounds!

This is the story he now shares with Pioneer Valley Radio.

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Radio Show #370 – Charlie Becker, The Italian Cultural Center of Western Massachusetts, and Columbus Day!

Columbus Day weekend begins, leading up to the actual holiday on Monday.

What’s happening over at the Italian Cultural Center of Western Massachusetts?

How will the event be acknowledged in the COVID-19 period?

Co-President, Charlie Becker will fill you in – in this special program.

Charlie also shares his views on the “pushback” from groups and “Indigenous Peoples Day.”

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Radio Show #369 – Kelly Shaw, The Cocoa Exchange and the Agawam Cinema

Local businesses helping local businesses!

Kelly Shaw, founding curator of the Cocoa Exchange, is reaching out to Kim Wheeler at the Agawam Cinema to help raise funds to offset the theater’s downtime during the pandemic!

Kelly is offering a percentage of sales of the goodies from the Cocoa Exchange on this Saturday, October 10th, at the Agawam Cimema’s showing of “Hocus Pocus!”

Kelly will be there in person to guide you through the delicious chocolate candies and nuts created by the Cocoa Exchange.

Listen in to this special program with Kelly for all the information!

Shop for a Cause  •  Web: The Cocoa Exchange

Radio Show #368 – A Visit to The Amazing World of Dr. Seuss Museum

Pioneer Valley Radio Special Feature

Pioneer Valley Radio correspondent Lauren Brill narrates a special documentary about The Amazing World of Dr. Seuss Museum located at the Springfield Museums in the downtown Quadrangle.   Featured speakers include Kay Simpson, President of the Springfield Museums and Laura Sutter, Program Coordinator for the Dr. Seuss Museum.