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Radio Show #22 – John Flynn and Vinnie Villemaino on Education

A serious issue for the towns of Hampden and Wilbraham as school enrollment precipitously declines.

Chair of the Board of Selectmen John Flynn and Selectman Vinnie Villemaino summarize the issue, the impact on the town and the taxpayers and further discuss ongoing efforts to solve the problem.

Radio Show #21 – Holly Bell, Local Photographer

Local photographer Holly Bell offers complete in-home portrait photography for families who may be disabled or otherwise unable to go to a studio.

Radio Show #20 – Brian Lapis

Brian Lapis steps out of his role as a meteorologist and into the performing shoes of Fred Kelley in the MHC production of “The Big Broadcast” at Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley!

Radio Show #19 – Juliette Britton, Owner, J. J. Hapgood General Store and Eatery

Juliette Britton, owner of J J Hapgood General Store and Eatery in Peru, Vermont, talks with Brad about special guest Paul McCartney’s surprise visit.

Radio Show #18 – Springfield City Councilor-at-Large Kateri Walsh

Michael Harrison interviews Kateri Walsh about her role as chair of the ad hoc Neighborhood Business Development Committee, including the impact of the coming MGM Casino on small local businesses, and other local issues.

Radio Show #17 – Kathleen Delaney

Dance teacher, choreographer, director, actress, singer and restaurateur Kathleen Delaney talks with Brad about a special production at Palmer High School, “Almost Perfect,” and supporting young people’s introduction to the arts.

Radio Show #16 – Tim Rooke, Springfield City Councilor at Large

The Church has announced their decision to merge Holyoke Catholic and Cathedral High… but no word in their announcement of where the new school will be built.
Or when.

Councilor at Large Tim Rooke says the Church is “terribly unorganized, and not run like a business.”

Radio Show #15 – Julie Makris

A 97 year-old WWII vet may lose his home!!!!!!!!! What can you do to help?
Julie Makris fills us in in a conversation with Brad!

Radio Show #14 – Michael “Bax” Baxendale, Co-host, “Bax & O’Brien Show” on Rock 102

Michael “Bax” Baxendale of Rock 102’s “Bax & O’Brien Show” is interviewed by Michael Harrison about localism in radio and the Springfield Metropolitan Area’s potential for prospering in the coming years.

Radio Show #13 – Dr. Niels Rathlev, Chair of Emergency Medicine, Baystate Medical Center

From a busy ER filled with weather related injuries, Emergency Medicine Chair, Dr. Niels Rathlev has some very good information to keep you safe in the cold!

Radio Show #12 – Doug Mellis, Chief of Police, East Longmeadow

“Opiod Abuse” with East Longmeadow Police Chief Doug Mellis.

Radio Show #11 – Kimberly Wheeler’s Journey to Save the Agawam Family Cinemas

Hear the amazing story of one woman’s journey to save the Agawam Family Cinema!
It’s coming back – and all due to Kimberly Wheeler!

Radio Show #10 – James Woolsey, Superintendent of the Springfield Armory

James Woolsey, Superintendent of the Springfield Armory, talks about the effort to get this wonderful historic clock working again!

Radio Show #9 – Tim Rooke, City Councilor, City of Springfield

Who keeps the bus shelters clear and safe in this weather? The answer might well surprise you!
Join us for a conversation with City Councilor Tim Rooke for that and more!

Radio Show #8 – Chris Cignoli, Director of Public Works, City of Springfield

Springfield Director of Public Works Chris Cignoli answers every possible snow related question you may have – and sheds new light on the city’s attack against the snow!

Radio Show #7 – Noelle Serafino, Passport Holyoke

Passport Holyoke’s Noelle Serafinio is interviewed by Brad Shepard. Passport Holyoke is a non-profit dedicated to championing the city and pointing out its finer points and activities. Now and through Valentine’s Day, they are asking for people to take photos of Holyoke-related things for social media posting under the hook of, “I Love Holyoke.”

Radio Show #6 – Jeffrey Flood, Director of the Exit 7 Players

Eight dramas and eight comedies will be presented on two semifinal nights—Friday, February 20 and Saturday, February 21, 2015. The semifinal audiences vote to advance 2 dramas and 2 comedies per night to the finals on Sunday, February 22. After watching our 4 drama and 4 comedy finalists, Sunday’s audience will then select a winning play in each category. The winning playwrights each receive a cash prize of $150.

Radio Show #5 – Jennifer Connolly, President, Junior Achievement of Western Massachusetts

Pioneer Valley Radio’s Brad Shepard talks with Jennifer Connolly, President of Junior Achievement of Western Mass. She provides an update on JA’s forthcoming events, and further discusses JA’s larger goal of keeping the youth of Western Mass challenged and intrigued through the path of entrepreneurship, and the ability to own their own economic future!

Here’s the link to the Junior Achievement of Western Massachusetts’ website.

Radio Show #4 – Springfield Mayor Domenic J. Sarno Interviewed on Debut Show on Pioneer Valley Radio

Brad Shepard goes one-on-one with Springfield Mayor Dom Sarno in a candid conversation about his view of the city and its future. Topics include the war on violent crime in Springfield, the city’s finances, improvements in education (with much more needed) and the problem of regional homelessness, among others.

Radio Show #3 – Brad Shepard and Michel Harrison: Pioneer Valley Radio –
Part 3 of 3

A three-part conversation between Brad Shepard and Michael Harrison in which Michael interviews Brad about Pioneer Valley Radio’s mission, the state of broadcasting, Brad’s career and his perspective on key issues facing the Pioneer Valley.

Part 3 of 3.