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  1. I just heard one on the internet Pioneer Vally Radio with Michael Harrison and Brad Shepard. WOW!!! How wounderful to hear Brad again.

    Thank you, I enjoyed your interview.



  2. What a great concept, and it’s wonderful to hear Brad’s voice again! Michael, Talkers Magazine is known throughout the industry, and YOU did it. I’m eagerly anticipating the two of you working magic together!

  3. Brad and Michael: Thank you very much for introducing me and the other residents and citizens of Springfield, Mass. and surrounding areas to a nice new transparent format for us. I enjoyed your Introductions and your first interview with Mayor Domenic J. Sarno, Mayor of Springfield, Mass.
    I look forward to more enlightenment of truth and transparency. Thank you both for your interest. Greatly appreciated. I await the next broadcast.

  4. Have you thought about doing some programming on the Valley’s amazing history. If this is intriguing, perhaps the Pioneer Valley History Network might be a partner. As a network of the Valley’s museums, archives, and historic sites, it could provide an endless number of interesting stories.

  5. Great concept featuring two of Western Massachusetts’ best in the broadcast field. Good luck.

  6. Brad, after 40 years since high school. Great to hear the sound of your voice! The wonder of the internet… listening to your show in Springfield whilst living in Palm Springs, California.

  7. Springfield Armory: Wonderful history. Nice to know. Thank you.
    PS: Absolutely.
    PPS: Mario’s Antique Clockworks, located at Mario’s Cobbler Shop, next to the Majestic Theatre, Elm St., W. Springfield. You might check with him.

  8. Agawam Theatre: Excellent! I gotta give Ms. Wheeler a big hand in pursuing this great endeavor! What date is the Oak Ridge Fund raiser? I guess I will call Oak Ridge. Wonderful. Thank you.

  9. “Opioid Abuse” Very, very Important Topic! I commend you Brad and Mike and Chief Doug Mellis for bring this subject to the public. Not much is being said about this EPIDEMIC! I am aware of this abuse and it amazing how many educated and uneducated Teens and Adults that are addicted to such people. Also, drugs such as ADHD drugs, such as Adderall, Ritalin and others, which is being prescribed to teens and adults, who become addicted. Much more should be said. You would be surprised how many professional and trades men who use this stuff. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

  10. Today, I am grateful that I do not live in Blandford. Also, the program schedule is on the left side of the page from where I sit. Thanks for the little Tidbits.

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