Today, May 7, 2015

Is a preview of REAL summer weather headed our way?

Holyoke fighting back on the state takeover of its under-performing public schools

Palmer police feeling strain of school bomb scares

Lock your cars in Ludlow!

And an update on downtown casino construction traffic!

Al DiLascia, Chairman of the Committee for Cathedral Action

The Diocese has finally announced their decision on three possible locations for the new Cathedral high School.
However, many are very unhappy with this decision and a feel a larger commitment is necessary.
Is the Diocese LISTENING to the community?
Listen to this in depth conversation with Al DiLascia,Chairman of the Committee for Cathedral Action, as he discusses his frustration and dissatisfaction with the leadership of the church on this extremely important issue.

Bud L. Williams, Springfield City Councilman

Who is responsible for clearing the snow from the bus shelters?
Casino job training; are all neighborhoods and all persons being considered regardless of economic levels?
Should the Jaywalking fine be raised from $1.00 to $25.00?
And the Eversource rate hike..what progress is being made in reducing it?

Join Brad Shepard as these issues are discussed in detail when he goes up close and personal with Springfield City Councilman, Bud Williams

Sgt. John Delaney, Springfield Police Department

Homicide rate
Shots fired at AIC
Mayor Sarno
Springfield Police Dept’s ongoing war on crime–
–brought into focus in an in depth conversation with Springfield Police Dept Sgt. John Delaney

Today, March 26th, 2015

Join us for a very special edition of Brad Shepard Today.

Is MGM Springfield going to dispossess the Red Rose?
Is time running out for Sheriff Ashe to relocate his addiction treatment center?
Monson finally unveils its new police Station and town office building.
Special guest, Monson chief of Police, Stephen Kozlowski has the story!

Dawn Creighton, Vice President of Dress for Success

An important program and event for women entering or re entering the work force!

Everything from clothes, to coaching available through Dress For Success! Dawn Creighton, Vice President of Dress for Success talks about the nuts and bolts of the program and the big event; Common Threads in April.


Springfield City Councilor-at-Large Kateri Walsh

Michael Harrison interviews Kateri Walsh about her role as chair of the ad hoc Neighborhood Business Development Committee including the impact of the coming MGM Casino on small local businesses and other local issues.

James Woolsey, Superintendent of the Springfield Armory

Even a broken clock is right twice a day!

James Woolsey, Superintendent of the Springfield Armory, talks about the effort to get this wonderful historic clock working again!

Tim Rooke, City Councilor, City of Springfield

Who keeps the bus shelters clear and safe in this weather? The answer might well surprise you!
Join us for a conversation with City Councilor Tim Rooke for that and more!

Chris Cignoli, Director of Public Works, City of Springfield

City of Springfield Director of Public Works, Chris Cignoli answers every possible snow related question you may have – and sheds new light on the city’s attack against the snow!