Expert Neighbor: How to ride on the PVTA

In this installment, we will talk about how one goes about riding on the PVTA buses or vans, some information about whom they are and whom they service, and some tips for making it easy.

Expert Neighbor: Massachusetts auto theft law anomalies and how best to protect yourself.

In this installment, Expert Neighbor will explore security – specifically how to best prevent your car from becoming a target for thieves.

Massachusetts has a strange anomaly (like other states) that could be a giant loophole for the police to adequately charge someone that has taken your vehicle. Find out how to prevent this from happening to you!

Additionally – how does one best prevent cars from being broken into at night? Doors locked? Windows open? Find out.

Expert Neighbor: A Look at Leash Laws

Matthew B. Harrison explains the lack of meaty state level laws regarding dogs and leashes and the supplementation local municipalities have provided with regards to their bylaws and ordinances.

Expert Neighbor: The Upcoming MA Primary Elections – and Pizza

Not registered to vote? Not interested? Confused? Here are some answers and info on the upcoming primary on September 8, 2016.

Also, what’s your favorite pizza joint

Expert Neighbor: 311 and Voting

Attorney Matthew B. Harrison explains how to best contact local government agencies for non emergent situations along with how to create or update your voter registration profile.