Brad Shepard today Monday May 18, 2015

A new scam exposed

Eversource’s Turtlepalooza!

Opioid addiction n takes over the town of Ware

Nick’s Nest in Holyoke celebrating ten years of awesome hot dogs

The last video rental store in the Pioneer Valley closes its doors…so long, Captain Video

Come on the road with Brad to Shakago Piano Bar downtown Springfield for the nominations as announced for this year’s community theater awards!  hear the actors and directors !

Brad Shepard Today Friday! May 15, 2015

Finn For Mayor in West Springfield

AAA adds RMV services in Hadley

Chicopee Police Captain charged

Suit Up Springfield!

Central High Marching Band heading to D.C.

Dakin Humane Society puppies and kitties


Outdoorsman and nature expert, Stan Tekiela-author of Birds of Massachusetts

As interviewed by Bernadette Duncan about local black bears, and backyard birds.

Brad Shepard Today May 14, 2015

Residents in Southampton insist you slow down!

Longmeadow schools change manner in which parents are notified of missing children!

Springfield Rotary’s one hundredth!

Chicopee’s king Kielbasa is back!

Adam Quenneville Roofing receives an honor!

Drunk bear-hunter update

Brad Shepard Today May 13, 2015

North Adams police are asking you please not to drink and go hunt bears

Gas prices up

Electric rates down

Which Springfield parking garage gets rebuilt?

A new police station wins Wilbraham resident approval

Brad Shepard Today Monday, May 11, 2015

Are Western Mass military bases changing their alert status?

Westfield Principal attacked by students

In South Hadley, mow your lawn…or else!

The Blessing of the Animals at Trinity Church

Brad Shepard Today May 8, 2015

We built a lovely home…but on the wrong property.

Palmer deals with school threats, as these threats start to pop up elsewhere.

The Saw Doctors come to Springfield, special guest Beth Ward has more!

East Longmeadow fireworks this summer in jeopardy…find out how one local business woman is working to save them!



Today, May 7, 2015

Is a preview of REAL summer weather headed our way?

Holyoke fighting back on the state takeover of its under-performing public schools

Palmer police feeling strain of school bomb scares

Lock your cars in Ludlow!

And an update on downtown casino construction traffic!

David Powers, author, Damnable Heresy, William Pynchon, The Indians, and the First Book Banned in Boston

Author David Powers has written a definitive and compelling book about the father of Springfield, William Pynchon.David comes to Springfield this month to speak, and to sign copies of his book.

But first he joins Brad on Pioneer Valley Radio for an in depth conversation about Pynchon’s life and times.