About Pioneer Valley Radio

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SPRINGFIELD, MA – Longtime Springfield-area radio personality, commentator and prominent local arts & entertainment figure, Brad Shepard has announced the launch of Pioneer Valley Radio – an online platform designed to present talk shows and conversations specifically geared to “serving the civic and cultural interests of Western Massachusetts.”

Pioneer Valley Radio – located at www.PioneerValleyRadio.com – will serve as a free online home for what Shepard describes as “a wide variety of talk shows and informative conversations about what’s happening here in Western Massachusetts.”

According to Shepard, “There are so many things to talk about in the Pioneer Valley that are not being addressed today in contemporary on-air broadcasting. Hot issues like the casino. The economy. Crime. Education. Race relations. The arts. Public transportation. The list is endless. This platform will fill a dangerously huge void and be dedicated to serving the public good. We will be doing audio shows (and some video) about politics, civics, health care, high school sports – you name it. The key is localness and the goal is to serve the interests of the people of this region
across the board. We will not embrace or ‘target’ any specific political ideology or bias. We can leave that to traditional, on-air talk radio.”

Shepard will serve as general manager of the new “media station.” He will also personally host a variety of talk shows (available on demand 24/7) that will include interviews with a wide array of prominent local figures and every day folks, as well as his own commentaries — plus calls from listeners. Pioneer Valley Radio will also provide live coverage of special events considered too niche or “small” to be given time on traditional over-the-air stations.

The station will also feature a variety of programs produced and hosted by other voices in the community including former radio, television and newspaper personalities who’ve been squeezed out of their jobs for reasons having nothing to do with their talent, skill or performance. Shepard says, “It is no secret that budget cutbacks have forced many of the local traditional media outlets in this area to cut back on programming which has tragically resulted in the loss of jobs for some mighty fine talents, not to mention live and local discussion programs. We will do our best to rectify that unfortunate situation.”

Pioneer Valley Radio is a joint venture between Shepard and Longmeadow-based, multimedia firm Goodphone Communications, Inc. – a national company specializing in syndicated radio production and trade magazine publishing. Goodphone manages the operations of the leading radio journals TALKERS magazine (www.talkers.com) and RadioInfo (www.radioinfo.com) and is considered one of the industry’s leading sources of information about broadcasting developments and trends.

Goodphone president (and former local radio station owner/personality) Michael Harrison states, “The work that Brad Shepard has done for more than two decades as morning personality on WHYN and, before that, WMAS here in Western Massachusetts is nothing short of legendary. He is one of the most recognizable names and locally-treasured, ‘plugged-in’ figures in this region… and well known and respected for his outstanding work here in Springfield all across the American radio broadcasting industry. It is a shame that a local voice of his influence for good has been silenced because of conditions in today’s highly-corporate radio business.” Harrison adds, “…and Brad’s radio work is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his local contributions and presence within the Pioneer Valley community. He is the ‘go to’ guy to emcee local civic events such as the annual East Longmeadow Fourth of July Parade and a wide variety of holiday pageants. He is an acclaimed singer and stage actor who has been gracing local theater productions for years and he is a tireless champion of area charities and causes. I cannot tell you how pleased we are to be involved in this wonderful community project with a local treasure of Brad Shepard’s magnitude.”

Pioneer Valley Radio will be free to listeners and funded by local advertising. Shepard says, “Because we are online and not restricted by enormous technical and regulatory burdens, we will make amazingly affordable and effective advertising packages available to local businesses seeking to get their messages out to the public in a manner that won’t clutter up the programming while giving these good businesses clear sailing in really getting their full stories and services valuable exposure. This is the kind of thing to which intelligent, creative use of the internet lends itself.”

For more information about Pioneer Valley Radio, to inquire about advertising, or to reach Brad Shepard or Michael Harrison, please email us at pioneervalleyradio@gmail.com.