Brad Shepard Today! Thursday January 25, 2018

Authorities warn of scams on the rise – and offer tips for protection!
Toys R Us closes locations across the country.
Babies “R” Us, part of the Toys “R” Us bankruptcy, closes the store at Holyoke Mall.
Potholes are so bad that sections of Route 5 are closed. Fifteen cars damaged!
Ludlow Police are looking for a woman who threw a hot cup of coffee into the face of a clerk at the Cumberland Farms.
Brutus, the state police dog, found the Holyoke driver who bailed out of his crashed car.
Rice Fruit Farm gets entertainment license from Wilbraham – but guess what you CAN’T do there…
Federal Court gears up for its first international terrorism trial in our region.
AIC has a mouse problem.
Greenfield builds large parking garage!

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